May 21st, 2021

AG Show Ltd was established in Bermuda in February 2016 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  The guarantors are all Bermudian and they all volunteer their time to help manage the affairs of the company.

The mandate of the AG Show Ltd is to ensure there is an operational framework in place so that volunteers can be best placed to ensure that the Show is a success.  To that end we have established an executive group to ensure proper corporate governance is being exercised and that management oversight and monitoring is in place.  The executives meet on a regular basis to discuss issues relating to planning, strategy, budgeting and financing.

AG Show Ltd is also a Bermuda registered charity (#968).  The company does not, and will not be receiving, any financial support from Government.  They will assist in the provision of the grounds, exhibition supplies, Police and some staff support.  We will be relying on sponsors, donors, ticket sales, vendor permit fees and volunteer contributions to finance the Exhibition.