May 21st, 2021


The 2018 Education Awards are sponsored by Lead Sponsor AXIS Capital


AG Show Ltd. would like to congratulate all of the teachers, students and parents for their hard work and creativity with their 100’s of exhibits for the 2018 Agricultural Show. 

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future – Christine Gregoire


Nursery Place Prize  Comment 
Stepping Stone Nursery 1st  $               600 Most creative entries & points in Nursery category
Little Learners 2nd   $               500 Creative Entries 
Adventureland Nursery 3rd  $               300 Creative Entries 

Preschool Place Prize  Comment 
Southampton Preschool 1st  $            1 150 Most creative entries & points in Preschool category
Devonshire Preschool 2nd   $               900 Creative Entries 
Warwick Preschool 3rd  $               500 Creative Entries 

Primary Place Prize  Comment 
 Northlands Primary    1st   $            1 150 Most creative entries & points in Primary School category
 St. George's Preparatory   2nd   $               900 Creative Entries 
 Heron Bay Primary   3rd   $               500 Creative Entries 

Middle Schools  Place Prize  Comment 
 Dellwood   1st   $       1 150 Most creative entries & points  in Middle School category
 Warwick Academy   2nd   $          900 Creative Entries 
 Whitney Institute   3rd   $          500 Creative Entries 

Home Schools  Place Prize  Comment 
Chatmore British International  1st  $          900 Most creative entries & points  in Home School category
Wow Academy & Maya DaSilveira  2nd   $          800 Creative Entries ($400 each)
B.E.L.A Home School & Terri Mello Home School  3rd  $          500 Creative Entries ($250 each)

High School Place Prize  Comment 
 Cedarbridge Academy   1st    $       1 150 Most creative entries & points  in High School category
 The Berkeley Institute   2nd    $          900 Creative Entries 
 Warwick Academy   3rd    $          500 Creative Entries 

Special School Entries  Place Prize  Comment 
T. N. Tatem Middle School 1st  $       1 000 Most Orignal & Points  Entries 
Dame Margorie Bean Hope Academy 2nd   $          750 Original entries
Gilbert Institute 3rd  $          500 Original entries
Special School Entries - Adult  Place Prize  Comment 
K Margaret Carter Centre (Opportunity Workshop)   1st   $          700 Most original entries & points 
Special School Entries - School Box Gardens Place Prize  Comment 
Dame Margorie Bean Hope Academy (DMBHA)  1st   $          500 Most original entries & points