May 21st, 2021

Casa dos Açores da Bermuda Ltd. (House of the Azores of Bermuda) Charity # 967 ("CAB")
was established as a non-profit organization for charitable purposes in 2015 for the purposes of promoting and preserving the Azorean heritage and culture in Bermuda and to preserve the historical significance and contribution that Azoreans and Azorean descendants have made to Bermuda. More directly, the mandate of CAB, as a non-profit organization, is to promote and carry out activities which celebrate the Azorean culture with the Bermudian community as a whole so that the whole of Bermuda’s community understand who we are, where we came from and the contributions made by Azorean descendants to Bermuda since the mid 1800s. As the center point of our organization is the Azorean culture and history, our activities are based on celebrating those two important aspects.


Also, as we understand that the Azorean community is a small part of of Bermuda's people, we have made it part of our objectives to support local charities that benefit all Bermudians regardless of their family origins and since our formation, and through our participation at events such as Harbour Nights, America’s Cup and the Festival of Lights with our “Malassadas” (Portuguese Donuts) stall which have been 100% staffed by volunteers, we have been able to raise funds to support our mandates.   We have during this time made financial donations to SCARS, Friends of Hospice, The Coalition for the Protection of Children – Breakfast for Every Child Program, Age Concern and the Children’s Portuguese School Program.


It is important to us to disprove the common perception that the Azorean community is a closed community and are unwelcoming to others. As such CAB opens its doors to all of Bermuda and invites you to discover and celebrate all that the Azorean culture in Bermuda has to offer starting with the Malassadas and Biscoitos (sugar cookies) which is actually an Azorean tradition.  We are very excited to participate in the AG Show this year for the first time and we invite you to come and support our stall at this year’s show so that we may continue to do our good work. Many thanks in advance.