May 21st, 2021

Age Concern Bermuda was established in 1978. Age Concern Bermuda is an independent, BNSC certified non-profit organization with a membership of approximately 4200 persons over the age of 50 years old.  Age Concern is a Bermuda Registered Charity (#137) that provides advocacy, education, information and support for seniors to age successfully. Successful ageing incorporates the importance of older adults maintaining not just physical health, but also financial security, productivity and employment, independence, an optimistic outlook on life, and continued involvement with people and activities that bring meaning and support to their lives.


Our programs consist of information, advice and referral services provided through our Call Centre, financial hardship fund support for groceries /food, prescription drugs, and minor essential home repairs for qualifying members. 


In addition, Age Concern members have access to free information seminars, discounts and concessions from local businesses including but not limited to: legal assistance, retirement and employment planning and home care support


Our services include information and support for topics such as:


  • Health and Wellness
  • Income and Retirement Planning
  • Social Benefits and Private Sector Product and Discounts
  • Insurance, Wills and Estate Planning
  • Information Technology and Communications