May 21st, 2021

East End Primary School is nestled in the far corner of St. George‚Äôs.  We provide a comprehensive academic program while attending to the social and emotional needs of every student.  Our teachers are committed to identifying student strengths and weaknesses and aim to meet these needs with daily intentional teaching within a highly supportive environment.  Students are encouraged and expected to set goals for themselves and maintain a high level of pride with themselves and their school community.

Our staff is committed every day to providing high quality learning experiences that:

  • promote inquiry, independence and opportunities to express themselves both written and verbally;
  • allow them to connect new understandings to previous knowledge and experiences;
  • encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • instill self-confidence and pride in their work

Our students greet every day with the belief that they are disciplined, determined and destined for greatness.

Our Mission:

The mission of East End Primary School is to guide the students to learn academic, social and practical skills which will enable them to become effective and productive members of society.